Fashion in my eyes

I was asked the other day to join an exclusive fashion website, and was very, very surprised!
Simply because even though I do have a particular style, I don’t really consider myself into what today’s standards call fashion. I don’t buy clothes every change of season, I wear things even though they are way, way out, and I don’t have a collection of labels; if I have labels at all that is. Wait a minute, I do have an Armani sweater, which used to be my boyfriend’s. Get my point?

The way I see it, fashion is a way of expressing not only our personalities but our Souls, our whole being into clothing. It’s one of the most freer things in life; which is one of the reasons I could never live in the middle east. I don’t mind covering my hair, covering up and everything else, but I like having choices. Fashion is about choices. And all of us should be able to choose what to wear and what not, regardless seasons and society standards; as long as we are comfortable and are not offending anybody.

When I wake up in the morning, or at any time of the day for that matter, I look inside and see how I’m feeling and what I want to share with the world. Then I choose my outfit; whatever works, and whatever I want to show.
It could be anything.

I have no barriers, no standards.
I am as I am.

Then again, that’s what fashion’s all about.

I admit. I too have a thing for shoes.

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