As some of you know, rumour has it that the USA are planning to build a military Base at Isla Saona, which is a government protected and natural reserve national park and part of the Dominican Republic. If someone doesn’t do something pronto it looks like the rumours might become reality. We need to stop this from happening. And I can’t of anything other than signing a peaceful but powerful petition asking the USA government simply: don’t do it!
Dominican or not, if you have a heart and don’t agree with the invasion of human rights and with the destruction of our planet, please sign this petition:
I did.
I signed because I am Dominican and I do NOT agree with the US building a Military Base at Isla Saona, or in any other part of our beautiful independent country. What they want and are trying to do is a liberty and they should understand that we, Dominicans and our bit of La Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic, is an independent and sovereign country, not theirs to play around and do what they please. Regarding their excuse to build a military Base to prevent drugs and immigration problem, they should do that in Mona Island (Puerto Rico) which is theirs and it’s just around the corner. If that’s the case and if this is a genuine reason, why do it in a land that does not belong to them? I don’t agree with their foreign state of affairs. And I certainly don’t agree of the construction of a military base, not in Isla Saona, not in any other protected national park; where ever it may be.
but most importantly, NO GRINGOS IN OUR PLAYAS.
Unless they go to have fun, drink beer and surf, that is.


  1. No gringos in our playas? Get the f out of our island? So what if Americans said Dominicans get the hell out of our country n stop migrating to the U.S. and illegally to puerto rico?

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