On Spring

I could have gone straight to work this morning, but I didn’t. I stopped on a park nearby and sat on a bench for a few minutes. It is very nice to feel the breeze, smell the fresh air, see the new born rose bushes turn from red to green, to see people pass by…
Today I didn’t have breakfast, again. I was rushing so I just grabbed a lemon cake and left. And I thought I was getting better, it is never always up I guess. Life passes by and I don’t even notice.

Not long ago it was January and cold, very cold. Now, April’s here, bringing Spring to our lives and hearts.
The trees are slowly getting dressed again with their leaves and beautiful flowers. People are happy to feel some sun in their faces.

6pm comes; It’s time to go to work and guess what? The sun is still there! (Most of the time anyways.)
The point is, it’s there, way up high in the sky, Radiating, releasing heat and warmth to all of us mere mortals.
Don’t get me wrong, it can be cloudy from time to time. But I look up and realise the sun is still there, hidden or not by clouds and rain, it exists! Now that’s what I call consistency.

Everyday rituals are necessary for our souls to evolve. I am trying.
I believe, I know I am one step closer than before.

I am walking into the light, following my own path.

It is time.

No one can stop me now.
Off I go, to Eternity, to Greatness.

Hold on. Let me have my lemon cake first.

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