On Success


I am reading Stephen King’s book “On Writing”, and I am finding it quite fascinating. It is not your average academic book on how to write, but more of a memoir of his life which includes how he came around the craft. It is very inspiring how no matter what his situation was at the time (broke, married with kids and a long career of meaningless shitty jobs), he never stopped writing; even if it meant sacrificing his little free time for some more quality time with his pen and paper. This again is another example of the fact that success is never an accident. The truth is, not all of us are Royalty or lucky enough to be born in a rich ass family like the Hiltons or the Kennedys where your ancestors did the hard work for you and now you are set up for life. No. Most of us have to get up our ass and take on crappy jobs if we want to even survive. And included in that lot, amongst some other successful people was Mr. Stephen King before his writing career took off. I am not even near finishing the book, yet, but as my fingers move pages to the left, my soul gets filled with hope.
Here’s why. If he did it, if he could turn his passion into a career, then why can’t we? What is stopping most of humanity from doing the same? What is stopping us from finding happiness and therefore fulfilling our true calling? Could it be insecurity? I think so. Lack of faith in ourselves? You bet ya, and definitely lots and lots of procrastination. Most of the  limitations and difficulties we face when pursuing a dream are within us, as it is the drive that gets us to where we should and want to be.
No matter how young you are or the fact that you’re so old that you think you might miss the boat and you are more useful knitting scarves in a home that doing what you love, there is always a chance to make your dreams come true. It is not the end. There is always a way for those who really want it, we just have to want it enough to not give up. The road to success consists in the following: Discovering what it is you are here to do, (besides shitting, eating and sleeping that is). Believing in yourself and no matter how tough it gets, never ever stop trying.
I still have a long way to go to live my life true to my calling, but after all these years, I am finally on the correct path. I just have to keep on moving.  

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