The Spice of Life

They say variety is the spice of life, yet it is so easy to fall into habits and routine. I see it everyday. Whether it’s choosing the same pizza every time, going to the same bars and restaurants, even staying with your partners simply because we are used to them rather than love. Unfortunately, this is very common in human nature. It is not easy to change that pattern, to get out of our comfort zone.

But guess what? We do have choices. There is always a choice. No matter how difficult life may seem at the time and although it looks like we have no way out; there is.
Depending on what we want, that is.
If we want to life a simple life and go with flow, keep complaining and moaning about how unhappy we are etc… Then let’s continue to carry on living the same way, just waking up, eating, working, sleeping, with no real purpose in life.
But if we choose to get up and evolve; If we choose to learn from every situation, from every mistakes…
Then I advise us to embrace changes and all that it brings.
This path is not always easy, and many times it’s very lonely.
Nonetheless, in the long term. It is far more rewarding.

So go on people!!!
Go for a midnight run, mingle, let’s try something new-
And you will see that the spice of life is not as spicy, hot and unpleasant as it sounds.
It tastes actually, quite nice.

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