Too much Haribos?

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. A lot that has made me think of the past and the future and our actions as humans. I don't know much. All I know is that people make mistakes. All the time. But it is not all the time that they rectify it. Apologise. Or even learn from them. I try. Surely not yet succeeding. But I do try. I try to be brave. Be better than the next day. Always true to myself. Maybe that is my problem. I am too honest. Too true to myself and my believes at the time. Is that a thing? Is that something that could be rectified? If wrong at all, that is. All or nothing. That is what I am. There is no middle ground in my passion. The colour grey is nonexistent. As it blends and shares the vagueness of tranquility. And as I sit here thinking about my actions. I am also thinking about other people's actions. And, I shouldn't judge. True that. But I can't help it. The same way other people can't help being who they are. I am who I am. Most of the time I do what I want. No questions asked. When is the right moment to draw the line between honesty and being just spontaneous? Impulsive, even. It is hard. I am still trying to figure it out. As everyday passes and I don't take a breath is another moment of failing. But it is hard to breathe when no air is coming in. Hard, but not impossible.  I am going crazy with all this mumbo jumbo. My head is spinning. Maybe, just maybe, I should stay off the Haribos.

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